Like they always say "health is wealth". As a matter of fact your Heath should be the most important,let's check out some few health syptoms you must never ignore.

• Weakness in arms and legs: If you get weak or numb in your arm, leg, or face, it can be a sign of a stroke, especially if it’s on one side of your body. You could also be having a stroke if you can’t keep your balance, feel dizzy, or have trouble walking. Get help quickly if you suddenly can’t see well, get a bad headache, feel confused, or have problems speaking or understanding. Don’t wait to get better! See the doctor immediately! Physicians say when stroke symptoms are caught early, it may save you a lifetime of disability or sudden death.

• Chest pain: Any chest pain, especially if it’s accompanied by sweating, pressure, shortness of breath, or nausea, should be evaluated by a doctor immediately. This is because chest pain or pressure can be a sign of heart disease or a heart attack, particularly if you feel it during exertion or while being active. It may also be a symptom of another serious condition, such as a blood clot moving into your lung, physicians say. If your chest feels tight or heavy, and it lasts more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back again, get help without wasting time.

• Tenderness and pain in the back of the lower leg: This can be a symptom of a blood clot in your leg. It’s called deep vein thrombosis. It can happen after you’ve been sitting for a long time, like on a long plane ride; or if you’re sick and have been in bed a long time. If it’s a blood clot, you may feel the pain mostly when you stand or walk. You may also notice swelling. The leg is usually red and tender, and it will be larger than the other leg. It’s normal to feel tenderness after exercise. But if you also see redness and feel heat where it’s swollen or painful, see the doctor. It is an emergency!
• Blood in your urine: If you have blood in your urine and you also feel a lot of pain in your side or in your back, you may have kidney stones. A kidney stone is a small crystal made of minerals and salts that forms in your kidney and moves through the tube that carries your urine. Many kidney stones eventually pass through your body when you pee, which can be very painful. If you see blood in your urine and you also have an increase in feeling that you urgently need to pee, make frequent trips to the bathroom, or feel burning when you urinate, and accompanied with fever, you may have a severe bladder or kidney infection. If you see blood but don’t feel any pain, it may be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer, please, see your doctor.
• Wheezing: Breathing problems should be treated as an emergency. If you’re wheezing, or hear a whistling sound when you breathe, see your doctor. It may be from asthma, a lung disease, a severe allergy, or exposure to chemicals. Wheezing can also be caused by pneumonia or bronchitis. Are you coughing up yellow or green mucus? Do you also have a fever or shortness of breath? If so, you may have bronchitis that’s turning into pneumonia. See your doctor!
• Suicidal thoughts: If you feel hopeless or trapped, or think you have no reason to live, get help. Talking to a professional can help you make it through a crisis

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