The equation of business is simple: no sales, no business. You are not in business if you are not selling. Sales is the lifeblood of any business. If your plan is not to go bankrupt soon, then your daily priority should be on selling every day; that is marketing.

Marketing is getting your business in front of those who need it. There is a specific type of people who need what you sell; getting them to know what you offer and how it profits them is your primary job, and should be your major preoccupation; that is, beside serving them satisfactorily.

Marketing is the business owner's first job. But how exactly do you market effectively? What do you say to get people to buy from you? Sell benefits!

Fundamentally, what makes people buy your product is the value it offers them. What precise effects does your product have on its users? How does it improve and better their lives? Don't sell features; tell me specifics that it will do for me, how it solves my problem effectively and efficiently.

Secondly, appeal to emotions. Humans are emotional creatures. Whatever draws on our emotional clout has great propensity for pulling money out of our pockets. So, make sure you grab a firm hold of your target customers' emotions. This you do primarily by ensuring your value offering appeals to at least one of the five senses. The five senses are the primary gateway to our inner core. To get to the heart, catch and use a gateway.

Million Dollar SECRET: The more senses you appeal to, the higher your chances of selling! (Never forget that)

How To Market:

Truth is, there is no one, hard-and-fast rule to this; peculiar businesses, circumstances, and target customers largely determine the approach. Thus, your job is to critically study, understand and analyse your industry and, importantly, your niche vis-à-vis your unique value offering to ascertain what marketing methods, approaches and media will best serve your purpose and deliver quickly the results you seek. That said, one thing you must never forget is the content of your marketing or promotional pitch. Content is paramount. What you say gives the first and most important impression about you and what you sell. Whether you use an image, a video, or just text, say the right things, crafted expertly to capture what you want said and projected about your business, to persuade and convince. Do this rightly and you have gained a quantum step toward selling.

As a business person, your business is to SELL! If you ever forget that, you are enroute exiting business corridors.

I hope this helped? Kindly share your thoughts.
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